Houston-Leipzig Presents: Prof. Hans Boas on “Culture in Language: The Texas German Dialect Project”

Imagine yourself as an Assistant Professor of Linguistics and German at the University of Texas about fifteen years ago, eating lunch in a diner deep in Central Texas. You have dedicated your life to the German language and the people who speak it, and all of sudden a couple of […]

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Frohes Neues Jahr! – How we Celebrate, Indulge our Superstitions, and Hope for Good Luck

The end of the year in Germany is marked by great parties, outrageous fireworks in private and large municipal displays, and a series of traditions, depending on age and location, and, last but definitely not least,  by the Neujahrsansprache (New Year´s Address) by the German Chancellor on the first day […]

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We’re Open for Business!

The German Institute for the Southwest (GIS) has opened its doors for business! GIS brings all things German to the Southwest of the United States. Our main mission is to promote and advance the German culture and language in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas; our home is […]

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