We’re Open for Business!

GISW-Logo-BRG-cleanThe German Institute for the Southwest (GIS) germansouthwest.org has opened its doors for business! GIS brings all things German to the Southwest of the United States. Our main mission is to promote and advance the German culture and language in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas; our home is in Houston.

We strive to bring programs to the community that develop an appreciation of German language and literature, to awaken an interest in German culture and the present-day German way of life, and to cultivate mutual understanding between the people of German-speaking countries and those of the United States.

Among our goals are to shape and revise the image of Germany, to present contemporary German culture, and to foster the German language and culture within the American educational system. Our students learn more than a language, they learn to love and appreciate a culture.

From time to time we will have social gatherings to which you will be invited. Please feel free to surf our website HERE, and contact us, if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to talk at info@germansouthwest.org.

We currently teach German language classes for adults and teenagers. As the need arises, we will expand our language program. Learn more about our classes, and register for 2016 Classes at angelika@germansouthwest.org.

We hope that you will join us during the next year, and wish you Happy Holidays and a great 2016 filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.


Martina Luke-Dorn, Ph.D.
Barbara Olbricht, M.Ed.
Angelika C. Schmidt-Lange, J.D.