Hollywood Glamour at the „Berlinale 2016”

Das Logo der Internationalen Filmfestspiele ist am 04.02.2015, einen Tag vor der Eröffnungsgala der 65. Internationalen Filmfestspiele, am Berlinale Palast in Berlin zu sehen. Die Berlinale findet vom 05. - 15.02.2015 statt. Foto: Felix Hörhager/dpa
 Foto: Felix Hörhager/dpa

George Clooney, the Coen Brothers, Jude Law , Juliane Moore, Tilda Swanton – just to name a few celebrities – are walking the red carpet in Berlin these days. The 66th International Film Festival “ Berlinale,” the world largest public festival, kicked off on February 11, 2016. From then until February 21, 493 films and 981 film screenings will be shown. One of the highlights is “Hail Caesar” by the Coen Brothers, the opening film for the film festival. Eighteen movies will compete for the Golden and Silver Bear statuettes this year. Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is leading the main jury selecting the awards in various film categories.
Due to the refugee crisis in Europe this year’s theme is “migration”- a theme very different from the years before. Organizers of the Festival are welcoming refugees, setting aside extra tickets for them and are launching donation drives to benefit refugee charities. One of the films competing will be Fuocamare ( Fire at Sea), a documentary about refugees coming to Europe via Lampedusa (the Italian island). Soy Nero (a German coproduction) talks about immigrants and the dreams they have when crossing the Mexican- American border. Dieter Kosslick, the festival director, told the press: “Ever since the Festival was started in 1951 in West Berlin refugees have played a major role in the festival. Back then many Germans were refugees and the festival was founded to foster understanding in German society and among nations.”
(adapted from “This Week in Germany”)