German-American Day

On October 6, we in the US celebrate National German-American Day!

In 1683 the first thirteen German families settled in Pennsylvania where they founded Germantown. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October 6 as a National Holiday in 1983 to celebrate and honor the 300th anniversary of German immigration and culture in the United States.

Fun facts:

  • German-Americans make up the biggest ancestry group in the United States. Most of the immigrants during the 19th century came from Germany, and as the saying goes, every Texan has a German Grandmother. 😉
  • German immigrants brought with them the tradition of the Christmas tree.
  • In 1668 Quakers from Germantown made the first protest against enslavement of Africans, and started the first Anti-slavery movement. Two hundred years later Germans in Texas joined the Union during the American Civil War because they did not believe in slavery.

Happy National German-American Day!!