Frohes Neues Jahr! – How we Celebrate, Indulge our Superstitions, and Hope for Good Luck

The end of the year in Germany is marked by great parties, outrageous fireworks in private and large municipal displays, and a series of traditions, depending on age and location, and, last but definitely not least,  by the Neujahrsansprache (New Year´s Address) by the German Chancellor on the first day […]

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Who Brings Gifts to Your Children: Christkindl, Weihnachtsmann, Väterchen Frost, or Santa Claus?

Advent or die Vorweihnachtszeit, the time leading up to Christmas Eve, is a very special time for children of all ages. On December 1 children open the first window of their Adventskalender – often filled with chocolate – to shorten and sweeten the waiting period until the Christkind brings presents […]

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